Boys Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Designing a modern boys bedroom which is playful yet still stylish is more attainable than you think. Take a look at this gorgeous bedroom styled by the lovely ladies at Fête Press and featured in the current issue of Fête/Life Magazine Photography by Jenah Piwanski.


1. Koala Print

2. Harpo Metal Single Bed

3. HK Living Bedside Locker, Milk and Sugar Stripe Quilt Cover and Pillowcases

4. Hektar Floor Lamp, Ribba Frame 50x70, Lohals Rug

5. Khaki Chambray Linen Cushion & Khaki Chambray Linen Throw

6. Lil Lone Ranger Cushion

7. Eddi Elephant Set in Birch

Koala Print by Little Ink Empire